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Eazyflow 1994 Hardcore Jungle Mix




A mix mostly of jungle, but with a topping of Breakbeat Hardcore to finish with. I used to really enjoy listening to DJ’s such as Slipmatt and Ellis Dee who would still mix both styles into their sets; it added just that bit more dimension and variety to things. Unfortunately 1994 (Maybe 1995 at a push) was probably the last year DJ’s could get away with mixing the two before Drum & Bass & Hardcore became ever more separated from each other.

I tried to keep the jungle uplifting and the hardcore non-cheesey so hopefully nothing sounds too out of place here :)

1994 Jungle & Hardcore Mix

Smokey Joe – Shining (VIP Mix) (Labello Blanco)
Amazon II – Lovely Feeling (Aphrodite)
Fourth Dimension – Sun Vibes (Whitehouse)
Aladdin – So Good (Aladdin)
Eternal Bass – Militarist (Eternal Bass)
DRS Feat Kenny Ken – Everyman (Rugged Vinyl)
Run Tings – Ruff Revival (Suburban Base)
Northern Connexion – Think (Back 2 Basics)
Pooch & Coulter – Love Me Now (Cut N Run)
Vibes & Wishdokta – Midsummer Mist (Asylum)
Dj Sparks – Hang Dem High (Omega Mix) (Yaw)
Aphrodite – Fascination (Aphrodite)
Ravers Choice – Vol 2 (B Side) (Ravers Choice)
Just Another Artist – Lust (Just Another Label)
Mercurial & Dj Distroi – Feels Good (Prophet)
Dj Seduction – Drop The Bass (Impact)
Norty But Nice – Give It To Me Baby (Norty But Nice)

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