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All Dillinja Mix Mixed by X-Nation





Recorded this in two parts about two years ago and never got round to sticking them together and uploading it. When I was recording it stopped and missed out about half hour which is why it was done in two parts, the split is between I Selassie I & Muthafucka. Also few times my hd couldn't keep up so couple weird little glitches here and there but can't be helped.

Nearly 3 hours of 93 - 96ish Dillinja

Dillinja - From Beyond [Cybotron Records]
Trinity - Chapter 20 [V Recordings]
2.2 - No Man [Blu Inc]
Dillinger - Believe The Bass [Conqueror Records]
Dillinja - Rastafari (Majestic Bassline A 1) [Deadly Vinyl]
2.2 - First Klass [Blu Inc]
Dillinger - Tear Down (Da Whole Place) [Conqueror Records]
Dillinja - In The Mood [Mo Wax]
The Specialist - Twisted Amen [Dread Recordings]
Basic Influence - Still Waters [Hardleaders]
Dillinja - You Don't Know [Logic Productions]
>>> Dillinja - You Don't Know [Logic Productions]
Dillinja - You Don't Know (The Remix) [Logic Productions]
Dillinja - Warrior [Logic Productions]
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs [Deadly Vinyl]
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [Deadly Vinyl]
Dillinja - Calculus Beats [Deadly Vinyl]
Dillinja - Deadly Ceremonies [Deadly Vinyl]
Suburban Knights - State Of Art [Intelligent Music Company]
Dillinja - Sovereign Melody [Deadly Vinyl]
Dillinja - South Side (Riffin Mix) [JA1]
Dillinja - Deepa [Species]
Dillinja & Mystery - Moods [Logic Productions]
The Specialist - Deep And Rolling [Dread Recordings]
Dillinja & Mystery - Deep Love (Remix) [Logic Productions]
Dillinja - The Angels Fell [Metalheadz]
>>> Dillinja - The Angels Fell [Metalheadz]
Dillinja - Jah Know Ya Big [Metalheadz]
Dillinja - Brutal Bass [Metalheadz]
Capone - Massive [Hardleaders]
>>> Capone - Massive [Hardleaders]
Capone - Soldier [Hardleaders]
Regulate - Brotherhood (Regulate Rework) [Hardleaders]
Dillinja - Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl]
N.G.O. - Windermere (Roll Out Mix) [JVC]
The Specialist - Drop It On The One [Dread Recordings]
Ragu And Stalker - Raw Jungle [Vinyl Addiction]
Trinity - I Selassie I [Philly Blunt]
Dillinja - Mutha*ucka [Philly Blunt]
Dillinja - You [Test Press]
Dillinja - Sky [Philly Blunt]
Kym Mazelle - Genius (Dillinja Remix) [Funki Dreds]
Dillinja - Heavenly Bass [Logic Productions]
Rups & Dillinja - Untitled (Majestic B-Line EP A2) [Deadly Vinyl]
Trinity - Gangsta [Philly Blunt]
Johnny Jungle - Johnny (Dillinja Remix) [Suburban Base]
Berty B & Dillinja - Lionheart [Lionheart]
Berty B & Dillinja - Art Of Control [Lionheart]

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