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Sumo Beatz Present - The 90s DnB History Lesson with Ray Keith and Heist

On Saturday the 3rd of November for the next installment of Sumo Beatz, we will be revisiting the 90's, Going back to what some people refer to as the 'Golden Age' and roots of DnB / Jungle music! The vinyls coming out and its time we had a Recess of a bit of DnB History! Expect classics from V Records, Ram Records, MetalHeadz, Dread Records, Full Cycle, Virus and many more of the labels that helped shape the scene to what it now is today.

This is the Sumo Beatz History lesson!

***Line Up***

RAY KEITH (Dread Records / Original Colchester DnB Don)

HEIST (MetalHeadz / Full Cycle)

HADDOW (the Mighty!)




Heavy Sound System

Great drinks prices

Entry will be £6

over 18's please bring your ID

Please arrive early to avoid disappointment

RAY KEITH (Dread Records)

Ray Keith, born in the heart of Essex, in the historic town of Colchester, started his career in the Dance music scene back in early 1989. Having an immense passion for underground music as well as funk and soul, lead him to buy some turntables and mix the music he enjoyed listening to. He eventually managed to get to know the then owners of a nightclub called Oscars in Clacton-on Sea (Buster Brooker) and they let him play his first professional gig, which he enjoyed it so much that he was hooked for life! This moved him on to local raves like aristos, The Venue, The Works and Andromeda and not forgetting the Hippodrome in Colchester. These venues were regularly visited by Ray in the early stages of his career and gave him the experience of what all DJ's know hard work, unpredictability of the job and crowd satisfaction.
There is no end to Ray's talents he is religiously in the studio every week producing and remixing tracks, constantly moving onto new ideas and looking to the future. Keeping a strong working bond with his engineer Nookie from Good Looking Records for the last ten years, contributes to making these talented individuals into a formidable team.
With an Ray Keith Album on the cards this summer, but with many tracks to complete, remixes, promoting and DJing you think does he ever have time to breath with the amount of work Ray gets through each week, leading me onto Rays motto hard work didn't hurt anybody proving that he is one of the most hardworking Artists in this scene.

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